Spring Training Spotlight: Falmouth Dog Park (Falmouth, MA)

This gorgeous Falmouth, MA pit bull came to FCC for off-leash obedience training.
Say goodbye to the snow, Dexter! This gorgeous Falmouth, MA pit bull received our off-leash obedience training this winter and is ready to hit a grassy dog park.

With spring here and summer on its way, dog owners are ready to leave their homes and leashes behind and enjoy some quality training time in the sun. We were recently turned on to Falmouth Dog Park, which is an ideal off-leash obedience training ground for MA residents in the Cape Cod/Plymouth, MA area.

Anybody within driving distance of Falmouth, MA can practice their dog training for free—all day long.
Falmouth Dog Park is open each day froFm dusk until dawn. There’s no charge to get in, but you still enjoy the benefits of a clean, safe environment with ample parking and handicap accessibility.

Taking dogs off-leash is allowed.
Keep in mind here that “allowed” is not a synonym for “always a good idea.” There’s certainly no better way to keep up with a dog’s off-leash obedience training than some “distraction-proofing” at a place like Falmouth Dog Park, but please make sure your dog is up to the task first. If you aren’t sure that your dog will not be reactive or that you can immediately recall him/her, contact our trainers.

The park has a lot going on.
Falmouth Dog Park’s volunteer coordinators put on fun activities like the annual “Doggie Bowl Bowling Tournament,” “Sunset Paws Cruise”, and more. You can see their schedule of events here. The park also boasts art installations, live music, the occasional refreshment stand, picnic tables, and most importantly, plenty of play areas for your pup.

Check out
Falmouth Dog Park’s website for more info, and be sure to contact us today if you’d like some help getting your dog ready for the task!

Meet Jax, a Dog Training Student from Dover, MA

Here's Jax, a Norwich Trainer from Dover, MA who we trained in off-leash obedience

Meet Jax, a super bright and friendly Norwich Terrier from Dover, MA. His owner, Mariah, enrolled him in our dog training classes with a few important goals in mind. She wanted a dog who could follow her everywhere, who could be trusted around other dogs, and who would have rock solid off-leash obedience training and stays—even though Terriers have a bad reputation for that.

When we consulted with Mariah, we made sure she understood that we don't shy away from working with any dog breeds. To us, breed, age, sex, and personality matter much less than the commitment of a dog's owner. You could take the easiest breed of dog to train and begin training him or her as a puppy, you still won't get results if you're not serious about understanding the training principles needed.

Mariah was devoted to training: to making it happen, she drove from Dover, MA every week for dog training classes with First Choice Canine. Jax wasn't the only student, however; Mariah was eager to learn the best ways to handle Jax and maintain his training at home.

We have clients from areas like Newton, Sudbury and Dover coming to the dog training classes we offer near Haverhill, MA and Plaistow, NH.

In the video below, you can see a dog from the Boston area we trained in off-leash obedience: Dundi. Dundi's family wanted the ability to take their dog off leash in Boston Common, around distractions like cars, people and other dogs.


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Training Class Spotlight: MA Dogs Edition

             Sophie, a Beagle/French Bulldog mix from Newburyport, MA  Sable is a 3 year old German Shepherd mix from Chelmsford, MA  Bradley, a 2 year old Beagle hailing from Wakefield, MA.

Some current students of our dog training classes: Sophie (Newburyport, MA), Sable (Chelmsford, MA), and Bradley (Wakefield, MA)

Our dog training classes are made to fit all breeds, personalities and training goals. Here are a few of the dogs currently enrolled in MA:

, a Beagle/French Bulldog mix from Newburyport, MA attends our on and off-leash obedience dog training classes. Her owner's goals are understandable; she wants to have a better relationship with her dog and for Sophie to be calm when guests come over. Sophie's owner wants to nip any behavioral issues in the bud—not a bad idea!

Bradley, a 2 year old Beagle hailing from Wakefield, MA. Bradley's always ready to play! Before training, he could get a little overexcited when guests came. His owner sought our dog training classes to make Bradley more accepting of people and less nervous about fast movements and noises.

is a 3 year old German Shepherd mix from Chelmsford, MA who found First Choice Canine's dog training classes with the help of her owners. They love their energetic companion and wanted her to show strangers the same sweet and mellow disposition that she shows at home.

Bentley is a 7 year old West Highland Terrier from Tewksbury, MA. Rescued from a shelter, this dog faced a former life of abuse and neglect. Still playful and happy (go dogs!), Bentley's owners brought him to our dog training classes because they wanted to have clear communication with their dog and be able to keep him reeled in when he gets worked up.

Free Dog


Those wishing to take part in First Choice Canine's puppy and dog training classes can also take advantage of our partnership with Free Dog, a state-of-the-art pet care facility in Plaistow, NH.

Free Dog came about as a way for two respected New Hampshire boarding and dog daycare facilities (Camp Wesley Dog Daycare and A Doggone Good Life) to expand their services to members and non-members alike. Non-members are able to take advantage of Free Dog's boarding, grooming, GPS enabled dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi services and more. To ensure that every dog in daycare has a fun & safe experience at Free Dog, only dogs that pass a temperament evaluation and become members are enrolled in daycare.

We were impressed by both the clean and modern accommodations and the involved staff at Free Dog. A far cry from staying in a cage, dogs boarding at Free Dog enjoy a fully enclosed, temperature controlled bedroom with a private roof-covered run. Best of all, there is always someone at Free Dog when dogs are sleeping over.

Dog owners in the Plaistow, NH and Haverhill, MA areas are welcome to take part in our dog or puppy training classes we host in Free Dog's training room. Also available is a board and train package, which combines Free Dog's 5-star overnight accommodations with First Choice Canine's unmatched obedience training.

We Offer Puppy and Dog Training Classes for Newburyport, MA

A star pupil of our dog training classes, Havana the Labradoodle poses with her owners in Newburyport, MA
A star pupil of our dog training classes, Havana the Labradoodle poses with her owners in Newburyport, MA

Many people who come to us for off-leash obedience dog training and puppy classes live in Newburyport and want to be able to fully enjoy life in this (small) city with their best friend. That means walking off-leash when it's permitted and properly interacting with other dogs and people. If you live in Newburyport and would prefer dog training sessions to our board & train program, contact us about classes.

Our dog training classes cover everything from puppy socialization to advanced off-leash obedience. There are benefits to training your dog in the class format. By seeing the training of your dog first hand and participating, you're able to gain a deep understanding of the way your dog's mind works. You'll develop the quick thinking and reflexes needed to improve and maintain your dog's manners over time. Best of all, these training classes are a social event for the dogs, creating a professionally monitored environment in which dogs of different sizes, breeds and personality learn tolerance and social skills.

Sophie is a Beagle/French Bulldog mix from Newburport, MA, who was brought to First Choice Canine for off-leash obedience training and to stop some behavior issues. Sophie is a friendly dog with a lot of energy. She brings drive and enthusiasm to the training room, sometimes at the expense of focus. We found that the most productive way to train Sophie was to enroll her in one of our training classes. The session lengths are short enough that her interest is held, and having her owner in the training class means that her daily handler will be able to reinforce commands at home.

Havana is in another dog from Newburyport who attends the same training classes as Sophie. Havana is a fun and playful 1 year old Labradoodle. Havana's owner has a simple goal: she wants to feel more comfortable taking her dog off leash and wants to stop some bad behavior like jumping on people and barking at other animals.

While Sophie and Havana have different training goals, they are still able to make huge progress in a class setting. Dogs and their owners take turns with different training principles in the classes. Owners learn not just how to handle their own dogs' behavior, but to identify and correct other common problems as well. Our clients enjoy this chance to learn more about the dog training process, but we also take care to focus on each dog as an individual. After completing group classes in the training room, we offer additional sessions in home and in public to make sure the training is functional even in the face of distractions.

If you live in the Newburyport area and want to enroll your puppy or dog in training classes, contact us today.